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    Welcome to Teach Me ICT. We are going to use it to publish resources to help us with our ICT GCSE. Please feel free to use our work and comment on it. However, we would like you to be constructive and to use two stars and a wish. This means please try and mention at least two things which you think are great (stars) and one thing which you think could be improved (a wish). Thank you!
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Social Issues in ICT

Posted by vaugt1 on March 3, 2008

tiffany.jpgThis  poster is by Tiffany and is part of a set of 3 which can also be found on this blog. It deals with the topic how does ICT affect our lives and this poster focuses on social issues.


One Response to “Social Issues in ICT”

  1. Doreen Moncho said

    Hello, Can you please help me on social issuesrelated to use of ICT in the facilitation of learning.

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